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Company Name:Giftstart Co., Ltd.
Country/Region:Taiwan, Taipei
Address:3F-1, 342, Chang An W. Rd., Taipei
Zip/Post Code:10341
Contact Person:Shih y.c. Moil
Job Title:Managing Director
Contact Person:moil
Job Title:Managing Director


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Multi-colored Reflective、Lumisnescent Badge

Multi-colored Reflective、Lumisnescent Badge,
By taking advantage of its patented technology that was previously applied to a gigantic traffic sign mounted on an entrance truss of the New Taipei City Government-organized Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival early this year, Giftstart Co., Ltd. has recently rolled out  yarns, fabrics and accessories that can generate colorful-reflection, glow-in-the-dark, and pattern-variable visual effects altogether in the products they constitute.
     The unique technology is patented by Mr. MOIL Y.C. SHIH  ( The Managing Director of Giftstart Co. ) with PCT WIPO ( World Intellectual property organization ) NO.:WO2016/192206 and No. I582470:M520641 of  Taiwan. Also introduced based on the technology include reflective treatment that can generate “colorful refection and luminousness in the dark”; reflective T/C-based fabrics, stretch fabrics; and pipings that can glow in pitch darkness and reflect with colorful light.
     The yarn is applicable to various sewing threads, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, straps, and ropes for various industries, including clothing, footwear, bag, home furnishings and furniture, among others.   
     The fabrics are available for various knitted and woven fabrics including stretch fabrics and waterproof fabrics.
     Materials integrated with the technology can reflect, absorb and radiate light.Consequently, the material can glow in the dark by itself after absorbing enough light. Its colorful reflection enhances pedestrians’ or vehicles’ visibility and thus safety in addition to better aesthetic appeal than the simple white-light reflection.
     Excellent light-absorption and luminousness performance makes the material an energy-saving light source and enables the material to generate fewer light pollution than streetlights do. When extensively applied to traffic vehicles, personal items, and public sites, the film can help boost the efficiency in emergency escape, disaster relief, public safety, and energy conservation.
     Also, the technology can be applied to textile-based materials, nonwoven materials, leathers, plastics, rubber, paper, wooden materials, metals, apparels, cases, bags, vehicles, airplanes, hats, footwear, socks, umbrellas, boxes, labels, stickers, adhesive tapes, raincoats, traffic signs, signboards, posters, TV screens, computer monitors, displays, LCD panels, and so on.

Giftstart Co., Ltd.

Giftstart, founded in1982, is one of the professional company specialized in developing new materials as well as designing and producing labels, patches, emblems, and accessories. Our products have been successfully linked to the marketing network around the world.

Giftstart has been one of the prime supplier for famous brand name companies and has cooperated with many European design magazines, such as , Sacha Pacha, Looker, Le Clothing Label Book, Jeans reference label source book,Jeans Label Book and Logo Symbol Design,Jeans Encyclopedia ..etc.

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